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Unless you want to read the experience of watching Inside Out for the first time, skip the following paragraph.

I still remember the first time I saw Inside Out exactly as it happened, I was in the middle of My final Bachelor's degree exams for Medical School .. I decided to take some time off to watch it because I have been waiting two years since I first heard about the idea of the project .. Through the movie my mouth stayed open .. I got immersed in the events I laughed out loud , I almost shed tears .. I was overwhelmed and I am not easily impressed at all being a movie fanatic..but this movie , this experience , this journey it took my breath away .

Anyway to get into the point , Here is my take on that outstanding movie hope I would add something you didn't notice:

Shall we begin?

Let's go.

What is Inside Out really about?

That movie I think is about growing up about, the struggle inside all of us ... That vague time of our lives when we changed from kids to adults .

Riley had five major emotions those emotions were pure , When joy for example pushes the button to elaborate joy .. Riley is happy .. She experiences pure happiness , and the same happens with sadness,anger....etc.

Just like kids, they are simple, their emotions are pure and simple . Unlike adults their emotions are vague, mixed and complex.

At the end of the movie ,when Riley presumably grows up , A new control panel is installed in the headquarters ; An updated one with complex buttons.

That tear-jerking scene when her imaginary friend sacrifices himself for Joy and Sadness to make it to the headquarters ... THIS IS RILEY GROWING UP AND LETTING GO OF CHILDHOOD STUFF LIKE IMAGINARY FRIENDS .. THIS IS HER IMAGINARY FRIEND SACRIFICING HIMSELF FOR HER TO GROW UP.

The place of Oblivion where old memories disappear and become forgotten is achingly nostalgic .. It becomes even bigger when we become adults because our childhood memories become more distant and are choked by the burden of our daily life.

Sadness, Did Riley really need this?

Well, I don't know for sure if the creators intended what I am going to say , but I think they wanted us to hate Sadness.. I hated her, she messes everything up, she was the reason of the whole adventure , she is always down and creating problems.

And here is the genius part: they wanted us to hate sadness, this movie is a call for happiness , for being happy..but yet we realize at the end that Sadness was essential .. Yes we all need sadness at sometimes to balance Joy..just like Riley needed it to feel sorry for what she did.

Seriously if that was true.. This is a great message between the lines .

Finally, The Genius Symbolism.

Seriously, this is what took my breath away throughout the movie , that amount of creativity; the dreams , the train of thoughts ... Etc.

This is overwhelmingly clever.

Finally , I hope I wasn't stating the obvious .. I have waited so long to share this..hope it was at least entertaining.

Sorry for my weak English :)


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