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I think it is safe to say that the most hated character in the Star Wars universe and possibly in all of literature is Jar-Jar Binks. This gungan is what made the prequels harder to watch then they already are and he is the main reason why Star Wars: The Phantom Menace is hated across the majority of fans. (NOTE: I don't hate the prequels, personally.) Jar-Jar is hated for his five-year old mannerisms such as farting and making faces while being extremely clumsy and not serving any purpose at all. Jar-Jar doesn't even serve the purpose of comical relief, which was intended by Lucas. A couple months ago, Lucas confirmed he still has a love for the character [Jar-Jar] and his inspiration is from Goofy; you read that right, Goofy.

You may ask yourself who the mad man is for being such a horrible character. Jar-Jar is all on Lucas himself and it's definitely not on the voice actor of Jar-Jar, Ahmed Best. Personally, I have to feel pretty bad for Ahmed as he was dragged into something horrible and it is what he is known for. This is what his description is when you google him:

Ahmed Best is an American actor, voice actor, and musician. He rose to infamy in the 2000s for providing motion capture and voice of the highly unpopular character of Jar Jar Binks in the Star Wars franchise.

Ahmed worked on Stomp until he thought he had a great opportunity working for Star Wars, who wouldn't?! It has been over 10 years since his last appearance and Ahmed said it is not an experience he would enjoy revisiting. In a new interview with a Star Wars fan's YouTube channel, he had the chance to interview Ahmed Best as he talked about how he knew how the fans hate Jar-Jar and he understands.

"I think I've done my damage. I'm good with where I stand in the Star Wars universe ... I'd say no. I think I did what I did, I thought it was great, it was fun, but now it's time to move on."

See the video below:

It turns out we won't be seeing Ahmed Best back in the Star Wars universe, and it is not a bad decision. I feel bad for the guy but if Disney was on drugs and decided to bring back Jar-Jar Binks and they asked Best to come back and he went, then I wouldn't feel bad when he gets shit on for another 15 years. Disney does have a lot of money though, so they could probably pay him a good wad of cash. Jar-Jar is also CGI, but it has been confirmed multiple times by Lucasfilm that he will not be making a return, this should be good news to you guys, I hope...

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