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When you hear the words 'gaming' and 'YouTube' in the same sentence, PewDiePie or Markiplier coming running at your mind with thousands of let's plays and lots of screaming but what about other the other side of YouTube gaming

In Denver, Colorado, occupies 6 gamers who just cuss and make people laugh for a living. Since late 2011, they have gathered their comedic skills and made the Creatures, where they could all join forces and save the world from boredom. In 2012, they all made the trek to upstate Colorado and continued their adventures in the old Creature house or now, in the Creature office. the devout fans have seen many creature members come and go but they have made an impact on the fandom.

With their 6 million loyal and growing critters, they have supported them for so long, the fandom seems to be a family of their own. Their channel ranges from skits to gaming series and sometimes even some skit series. With the fans hopefully waiting for the episodes of "Trapville", The creatures still give out quality content. With 5 new Creature employees, they have managed to sell out merchandise with the legendary mascot, Creature Carl. They have recently started selling calendars with fan made art as the months.

I would give them a solid ten, but their comedic skits come once every blue moon and some series haven't been solidify to stay but overall, I think the channel will go down to join the greats such as Roosterteeth and the Game Grumps.


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