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All good things must come to an end.

After 13 seasons, Michael Weatherly will be departing NCIS.

CBS Entertainment President Glenn Geller has said: "The decision was his, and it was a creative one. He'd been in the role 13 years. I completely understand that and wish him well."

Since the show debuted in 2003, audiences have been treated to Michael Weatherly's wonderful turn as "Very Special Agent" Anthony DiNozzo. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking, but always interesting, DiNozzo is a character that could have easily been a one dimensional, comic relief if not for smart writing and Weatherly's own masterful portrayal.

Weatherly, himself, seems to understand the value of his character:

If the team were a family, (and anyone who has seen the show will agree that they are) Gibbs would be the father, Abby, the spunky little sister, and Palmer as the ever awkward cousin. Tony DiNozzo, himself, would most certainly fill the role as the cool, yet annoying, older brother. As eldest son, he works well as Gibbs' second-in-command. He would kill for Abby, and equally protects and torments McGee and Bishop.

Throughout the show's many seasons, DiNozzo has managed to grow exponentially, yet retain the same boyish charm he has had all along. He is a character that will be greatly missed, and it will be interesting to see how the show gets along without him.

As of now, the writer's are currently trying to decide on how to write out Weatherly's character. Tiva fans will be sad to know that, so far, there are no plans for Cote de Pablo to return for Michael Weatherly's departure.


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