ByMarilee Kay Salfelder, writer at

To answer question #4. Han said Luke was training a new generation of Jedi's and a protege (Kylo Ren), and that the protege turned on him and killed all the Jedi trainees. That's why Luke disappeared. I'd like to know why Luke made a puzzel map of where he was going and how the first order got a copy of it? Also, it doesn't make sense that R2D2 didn't go with Luke. As for who Rey is? It's obvious that she's Luke's daughter because after her vision Maz said it was Luke's light saber and his father's before him and now it's calling to you (Rey). Although Luke didn't have Vader's light saber, he lost it when his hand was cut off and made a new one which Vader noted in the empire strikes back. And how did Maz get the light saber? BTW, who the heck did Luke hook up with and where is she now? And I think it's totally bogus that Rey is able to use the force so easily, it denegrates the concept of it being something species that only a few can do and must be trained in, i.e. Luke with Yoda, Anikan with Obi Wan. And did Leah know who Rey is or Rey who leash is because they seemed offly familiar and chummy at the end, like they knew each other. And why the heck didn't Leah ever train in the ways of the force? Then maybe she could be of more help and could train more Jedi' and Luke wouldn't always be the last one. In my opinion none of these movies had or ever will match the level of the first three. This one was alright, but I just wasn't invested in these new characters and what happens to them, plus the holes in the story for those of us who know our star wars makes it hard to accept what's going on. Basically they just took the first (or 4th) star wars and rearranged it a bit with different characters, but the plot lines were pretty much the same as in a new hope. I think they should've told the story of Kylo Ren before all this, now they'll just be going backwards again. Why can't they just tell a story in chronological order and save us all the headaches?!! OK, I guess that's all I have to say. Ciao y'all.


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