BySelene Guzman, writer at
Selene Guzman

The Revenant amazing film, but long enough to make me wanna pee.

The worst feeling in the world is having to pee in the middle of a really great movie. This feeling alone has made me skip the concession stand almost every time I go to the movies. The Revenant did the exact opposite, it made me wish that I had to pee.

This movie was beautiful and sort of felt like a silent movie but in a good way. You saw someone being stabed then saw your next phone background. The juxtaposition of the red and white was absolutely perfect. The acting superb. They deserve every award.

Yes it developed perfectly but also you feel that it did not have to be almost 3 hours long. Like a bollywood love story, sure its entertaining but it must be too long if it has an intersession.

In some quiet moments I concentrate to see if I had to pee, what if I had to pee so badly I could barely feel it. But I couldnt kid myself, going to the restroom with out having to pee would be like going to the movies just to make out. A horrible waste of time and a disrespect to the filmmaker.


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