ByMaiah Arzae Saucedo-Young, writer at

So, from not being famously rich, my sweet, caring mother decided to throw my Sweet Sixteen out in the middle of a desert. (I just want to clarify that I had no part in these plans). This area of desert is owned by some hippies my mother personally knows and rented out the land for my party. She bought me a cocktail prom dress, which is a very uniquely beautiful dress, she also got me a whole array of tropical snacks (i.g. fruit kabobs, sherbert drinks, etc), she made me rasta themed cupcakes as a cake, and for the icing on top she rented a band to play my favorite songs while everyone tripped. They were only supposed to play 90 minutes but they ended up playing for 2 1/2 hours. And at the end of it all, my family and friends decided to secretly plan to get me up on stage to sing my favorite song at the time "Bowl for Two by the Expendables". I did, of course, although extremely nervous, but overall, it was the best day of my life, and anyone my age that I know hasn't had anything like that for a sweet sixteen. The majority of people I know didn't even have a sweet 16. So, I am grateful for my mother's motivation and forethought into throwing me a spectacular party. 'Till this day I still own my giant birthday banner labeled "Maiah's Sweet 16 Reggae Splash Party".


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