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Im an extreme nerd. I love anime, noob level gamer and i love my fan based communities.

When I look at The Joker and The Crow, I see so much pain . They are both men with a passion to finish what they started but they also both know loneliness better than most. Now you might be asking yourself why I say they feel loneliness better than anyone; and the reason to that is without the pain of the loneliness, The Crow would not have avenged his fiances murder and The Joker would not have tortured Harley Quinn to the point that she became is. Now let's be honest to the fact that if The Joker wouldn't have felt the pain of loneliness, he would not even have bothered with Harley Quinn. So why do these two fictional characters seem so much alike but yet so different? Most people may not realize that but these two characters are driven by loneliness. One has gone mad while the other has become avengeful. The Crow becomes so lonely since his fiances murder, he decided he will stop at nothing to avenge her death and in a way let go of that pain left by her passing. The Joker no matter how mad he may be, Harley Quinn was an effect from longing to have someone in his psychotic little world. So the question is not The Joker or The Crow. The question really is, can loneliness drive the human in us to leave? After all they did murder people. But how much human is really in us? Can loneliness really take away the humanity in a person to the point where they have gone mad?


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