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The Picture has been getting so much praise and honestly it deserves all the praise it can get. It is a beautiful shot of our team of misfits but one question i asked myself is what exactly is going on here! I mean everyone looks scared out of their minds or on edge except for one of them.....Harley Quinn! I started to try and piece this photo together with other scenes from the trailer and came to the conclusion of exactly where The Joker is! If you watch the trailer again you will notice these scenes towards the end.

Yes its the masked man walking in and rampaging through what looks like the same setting that the Squad is in during the picture that just got released. It might be an indication that we will be seeing a little more and understand exactly what is happening here. I'm hoping that we get more of a glimpse at this scene in the upcoming trailer this Tuesday.

The squad might have been sent to take care of business here but the masked man might have their own agenda. They are there to do something else entirely and something the squad was trying to avoid. This could be why they seem worried and ready to go into combat I know what you're thinking right and that's but why would Quinn be happy if i didn't see The Joker there and that's where I present you yet another image some still might have missed.

Yes in the trailer for a brief second you see The Joker walking down the same area that we see the Squad and the armed man in. Im pretty sure this is why Harley Quinn looks ecstatic in the photo because she is face to face with puddin! I'm not entirely sure if this is legit or not so take it with a grain of salt because there are others who are saying it could just be Enchantress cornering them as well as it just being a promo photo. Which would mean it has nothing to do with the film at all. I'd like to know what you think though by commenting below!


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