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Stefanie Lestari

Hello and welcome to the world of Pokemon! For every trainer, a starter Pokemon is the most essential part to start their adventure. As we all know, there are 6 regions in the Pokemon world and each region has 3 starter Pokemon (excluding Kanto, which has 4). Without any further ado, here's the top 10 starter Pokemon list (in no particular order):

  • Pikachu

Okay honestly, who doesn't know this yellow rodent? Pikachu is the face of the Pokemon franchise and Nintendo (along with Mario and some of his friends). Pikachu is available to be your starter Pokemon exclusively on Pokemon Yellow, which closely follows the plot of the Indigo League anime. Honestly, I'd do anything to get Pikachu as a pet. He's too adorable.

  • Mudkip

This little guy surely is adorable. But once it evolves into Swampert, it's really unstoppable and powerful.

  • Fennekin

Look at that adorable face! He's going to melt your heart.

  • Torchic

I'd like to have one to keep me warm every night. Don't underestimate it's size, Torchic might be small but it's so powerful.

  • Turtwig

Grass type turtle? PERFECTION!

  • Piplup

Isn't he just the most adorable penguin ever? Piplup can waddle straight to my heart anytime.

  • Chikorita

  • Squirtle

Because Squirtle is the most badass turtle out there, he puts the Ninja Turtles to shame.

  • Tepig

  • Bulbasaur


Who's your favourite starter Pokemon?


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