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Perhaps the most highly anticipated game of the past few years — Bethesda Softwork's Fallout 4— has been out for two months now, and the wondrous modding community has wasted no time piling into the vast wasteland with all sorts of alterations and add-ons being created for the open-world game, ranging from the useful to the bizarre. Bethesda may have made the game, but the modders are the often-unsung heroes of the fanbase, cheers guys!

So when it was first announced that XBOX One and PS4 mods would be brought in for the first time to further supplement the already massively expansive gameplay, us console plebs got pretty excited. We're still waiting for an official line on the Mod Creation Kit launch date but the latest news on that front is that it's set to launch "early 2016," so hopefully we don't have much longer to wait.

This has been a hard list to compile as more and more brilliant additions come out each day, but here are our top picks for PC mods we'd like to see coming to the Xbox One and PS4.

1. Easier Conversations

This goes straight to the top of the list, because one of the few things we don't like about Fallout 4 are the vague, restricted dialogue options on the dreaded conversation wheel.

Well, no longer shall you accidentally stumble into awkward social situations, because the Full Dialogue Interface mod by Cirosan and Shadwar sorts that nonsense out, displaying the full lines of dialogue on screen in the manner of the earlier games.

2. The Ultimate Scavenging Tool

It's a problem that's existed since the dawn of the open-world RPG, we all want more than we can carry; random crap, guns and armor that we don't really need but can sell for a cap or two. And then the question, what to chuck? What to keep? What to make your companion carry?

Value Per Weight Indicator For Container UI - CyberShadow
Value Per Weight Indicator For Container UI - CyberShadow

Worry no longer, because Value Per Weight Indicator For Container UI by CyberShadow fixes that problem. This handy mod evaluates and displays the caps per weight of each item — making it easier to decide what to keep, scavenge or chuck.

3. Feel The Force...

Oh it was inevitable, but that doesn't mean we don't love it. Yep, Lightsaber Renew by invalidfate introduces the legendary melee weapons of Star Wars into Bethesda's game — complete with sound effects. It's all kinds of brilliant.

Lightsaber Renew & Darth Vader Helmet - invalidfate
Lightsaber Renew & Darth Vader Helmet - invalidfate

Pair this mod with the Darth Vader Helmet (also by invalidfate); Stiptikspec's Stormtrooper Combat Armor Variants or Kylo Ren - Adam Driver V2.0 by anjoss for a truly authentic experience straight from a galaxy far, far away.

4. Armorsmith Extended

So the new armor mechanics in Fallout 4 are pretty neat, but sometimes it's just not enough to strut around in your raider leathers; sometimes you need something more (especially if you're playing in third-person).

Armorsmith Extended by Gambit77 gives your Sole Survivor's wardrobe a revamp, allowing for any outfit to be worn under armor pieces with the armor visible and for hats and helmets to be worn with bandanas and gas masks. It also introduces numerous add ons such as gloves, headwear, eyewear and lining mods.

Armorsmith Extended - Gambit77
Armorsmith Extended - Gambit77

There's also custom Dogmeat armor and heaps more features available with this brilliant mod, so check it out if you want to be at forefront of cutting edge Wasteland fashion.

5. Sort Out Those Settlements

There's a ton of great Settlement mods available for those of you who continually get distracted from your main missions by those pesky settlements, but one of our favorites is the Settlement Supplies Expanded 2.5 by Troy Irving.

It does pretty much what it says on the can, adding a great deal more items to your Settlement builds. Currently, it boasts 73 additional furniture items, 66 doors, 4 miscellaneous interactive objects (such as a barber's chair), 243 static objects (cars, trees, rocks, etc) as well as an alternative Power Armor rack.

Settlement Supplies Expanded 2.5 - Troy Irving.
Settlement Supplies Expanded 2.5 - Troy Irving.

And if you like your Settlement building then be sure to check out Longer Power Lines by Puma as well, which makes it much easier to send electricity around.

Bonus Round: The Weird & Wonderful

If you like your wasteland to have a bit more weirdness (and by weirdness I mean mini-nukes that look like babies and deathclaws that look like Randy Savage) check these out:

Rip A Guy's Arm Off And Beat Him To Death With It by Kentington.

Atom Bomb Baby by Trainwiz.

Macho Claws by AronaxAE and FancyPants.

Dancing Around The Wasteland by CharacterCreator.

Troll Baby by HardKnocks.

FartOut 4 - Total Voice Replacement Mod by VladiMatt.

Stop the train guys, I think we've peaked.


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