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It's official! After months of dancing around Transformers 5, being added as a producer and then creative consultant, Michael Bay has finally caved to popular demand and has agreed to direct the new film. This announcement was well received by many fans, as Michael Bay's distinctive directive style is essential to the Transformers Franchise. But what about the other stars who helped Transformers shoot to cultural fame? Will Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf return too?

Michael Bay Gives His Thought

Although he has a lot of other projects in the pipeline right now, Michael Bay's back on board for Transformers 5, but according to the director, this is his last foray into the franchise.

Just another day at the office for Michael Bay
Just another day at the office for Michael Bay

Speaking to Collider, Michael Bay insisted that Transformers 5 will be his last. But of course, he's said this before: Bay originally quit Transformers after the third film, before returning for the fourth installment, Age Of Extinction. When Collider's interviewer pointed this out, Bay laughingly acknowledged the fact.

"Yeah, I know, right? But it’s like, that’s all they want to do is franchises. That’s all they want to do. I had to beg to get to make [13 Hours]."

It seems as though Paramount are intent on getting Bay to direct all the Transformers films, and considering his name is irrevocably joined to the franchise in the mind of the audience, it's easy to understand why. But Michael Bay is not the only star who helped boost Transformers' appeal, so will we see the return of its other heroes?

Megan Fox Is A Maybe

Although Megan Fox and Michael Bay's feud is widely reported on, the two came to terms recently when Fox worked on another of Bay's projects: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Megan Fox in TMNT
Megan Fox in TMNT

According to Megan Fox, Michael Bay helped her get the part in TMNT...

"He was really instrumental in casting me in Ninja Turtles actually. I owe this movie to him."

But what about Transformers? Well, we shouldn't count her out just yet: Fox has been optimistic about a potential cameo later in the franchise, allowing her character to make a brief appearance in later films.

"If [Bay] ever wanted me to do a cameo like assembling an autobot motorcycle in a bike shop or something like that, I would totally do it."

Right now though, it seems as though Fox is just too busy to return for Transformers 5, as she's recently been cast in season 5 of the hit sitcom New Girl. Honestly though, as Transformers has moved on to other main characters, seeing Megan Fox in the new films would be a little incongruous. Unless of course, she was joined by her co-star...

Just Do It, Shia!

LaBeouf's career has been such a rollercoaster in the past few years. From humble(ish) beginnings as the Disney channel's go-to everykid to unhinged arty superstar, LaBeouf never fails to entertain.

Thanks, Shia, I won't.
Thanks, Shia, I won't.

While many of us would love to see Shia return to Transformers, it seems unlikely, given his latest rant on the subject...

"Bumblebee never sounds real, it’s just a fucking name. The name alone you can never make real, no matter how much you put into it, because on the other side you have a director who doesn’t believe it either."

(But Shia, Bumblebee was your friend! How can you turn on him like this?!) He has a point though - Transformers is a pretty silly franchise, and the names are sillier. But that's the fun of it! We don't go to see these films for our intellectual development, we go because we want to relax and watch superstars team up with robot-car-war machines.

So could Shia return? Well, there's no denying he's a good sport, so perhaps he's willing to go back on what he's said before. After all, who could forget his reaction to the Actual Cannibal meme...

It seems that he wants to distance himself from Transformers: LaBeouf clearly wants to be taken seriously as an actor after years of being the child star who just grew up. He's done edgy performance art pieces, and showcased his intense method acting in Fury. So the likelihood of him returning is slim... but there's always the possibility! Until then, at least Transformers grand architect Michael Bay is back at the helm of the franchise.


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