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Despite the fact Netflix is slowly taking over the world by announcing expansion into a stunning 130 countries, the streaming powerhouse is still extremely enigmatic when it comes to viewing figures.

With hugely successful shows such as Marvel's duo of Jessica Jones and Daredevil, plus critically acclaimed hits such as Narcos and House of Cards, such secrecy is surprising.

Considering TV networks are always open about the audiences they get, you'd expect streaming services to eventually catch up.

A Stream With A View

Although not yet disclosing exact numbers, Alan Wurtzel, an analytic whizz at NBC, has shared an estimation of Netflix ratings, made by tech company Symphony.

The data suggests that, from September to December, Jessica Jones averaged 4.8 million viewers, Master of None 3.9 million, while Narcos averaged 3.2 million. Considering these aren't even the most popular shows, these numbers are impressive.

Narcos averaged 3.2 million viewers
Narcos averaged 3.2 million viewers

Amazon's Man in the High Castle, the most successful show on their service to date, was also rated, with viewing figures of 2.1 million.

Time For A Little "Perspective"

Those of you wondering just how Symphony uncovered these figures may regret wondering because, well, it's a bit creepy. Using technology installed on devices, it monitors the audio playback and detects what the user is watching by decoding that information.

Presenting the findings at an event centered around the challenge of measuring viewings, Wurtzel sounded optimistic about TV Networks chances. He said:

“I think we need a little bit of perspective when we talk about the impact of Netflix and SVOD (outlets).

“The notion that they are replacing broadcast TV may not be quite accurate.”

Video may've killed the radio star, but can streaming kill the TV network?

A Rising Platform

Viewing figures on other networks are monitored by Nielson, who recently announced their end of year figures. The Big Bang Theory averaged an extraordinary 21 million viewers. The rest of the listings are below:

Although this makes Netflix views look less significant, the service is constantly expanding and evolving, plus viewing figures for all of its content is off the charts.

What is clear is that the way we digest film and TV has shifted dramatically over the past few years. Sitting in front of the TV at the same time each week to watch now feels slightly antiquated. We are used to content being available when we want it, to binge on, chew and spit out as and when.

With streaming services giving us all this and more, and TV networks announcing a reduction in figures, it looks like the snowball effect won't fade anytime soon.

Source: Variety


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