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High priest of pizza Macaulay Culkin is all set to step into a certain Disney prince's curled-toed slippers in a seriously avant-garde interpretation of the much-loved tale of Aladdin.

The eccentric former child star has teamed up with James Greene of the Moldy Peaches to create a darker, modern day retelling of the Aladdin story which includes a corrupt sultan, soviet imagery, and a flying duvet. Oh, and all of the sets are homemade. Trust me, you'll have to watch the trailer below to even remotely fathom how bizarre this is going to be:

If you are left totally confused after that dose of papier-mâché WTF, there is also an official synopsis to help you out a bit, it reads:

"ALADDIN is the newest film that Adam is writing/directing. It’s a hyper-sensory, poetic, and humorously modern take on the Arabian Nights Classic tale. The feature film will further explore the recesses of Adam’s symbolic imagination, playing like an Alejandro Jodorowsky version of Aladdin on handmade sets à la “The Science of Sleep”; with frenetic dialogue at the pace of Xavier Renegade Angel or South Park. Revolving around Aladdin’s dysfunctional family, who live in an “average” American city ruled by a corrupt Sultan with a decadent socialite daughter, the film explores themes of technology, government repression, greed, and true-love."

This self-described “hot mess of a movie” will also star Alia Shawkat, Zoë Kravitz, Natasha Lyonne, Penn Badgley, Francesco Clemente and Jack Dishel, and if the behind-the-scenes photos are anything to go by, it looks like they are having a blast making it!

Check out some of the most surreal Instagram uploads below to get a sneak peek at what's in store in this cave of wonders:

Sweet Soviet Threads

The rebel Aladdin is clearly going to tear up the fabric of this corrupt dictatorship in style!

Creepy Uncle Gary

Yeah, I think I'll pass at sleeping over at uncle Gary's house, thanks!

Crappy Catering, Literally

Macauley Culkin don't need no A-list service. A nice nourishing shit sandwich will do!

Sultan and Chill

Doing lines has never looked so glam!

Musical Madness

This doesn't look like 'A Whole New World' kind of band tbh!

Squad Goals

...and giant pencil goals.

Camel NO

Brings a whole new meaning to 'My Humps.'

Basically, I have no idea what's going on, but I'm totally game. Bring on Aladdin the Prince of Skeeze!

(Source: MTV)


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