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SPOILER WARNING: If you have not read 'The Walking Dead' comics there are a couple of sneaky little spoilers lurking below. Proceed at your peril!

Valentine's day might mean tacky teddy bears and chocolates to some people, but for some of us Walking Dead fans the heart we are really looking forward too will be ripped straight out of a walkers chest as opposed to on a card.

Although we still have a while yet before we rejoin Rick Grimes and his band of merry men, AMC has kindly dropped us a promo image to analyze the shit out of, so let's get to it!

The first thing that immediately leaps out about this collage is the hand motif, particularly the familiar image of the bloody hand hold in the bottom row that many of you will recognize from mid-season promo below and the show itself:

Any of you comic fans out there will already probably have an idea of the tragic scene this alludes to, but if you're out of the loop I'll explain it for you below.

In the comics, after attempting the risky, gut splattered zombie walk and being rumbled by the walkers when Sam calls out, Jessie refuses to let go of her son even as he is being dragged to the ground. She tightly clasps Carl's hand and won't let go, leading Rick to make a drastic decision. In order to save his own son's life, Rick hacks Jessie's hand off at the wrist effectively leaving her to bleed to death. Romantic, eh?

Although this is obviously the most pertinent image, some of the other thumbnails also seem to contain some subtle pointers to what could go down in the second half of Season 6.

In the top right hand corner, you can see that Carol (I'd know that jacket anywhere!) is clutching a crucifix. I doubt this means she will be finding solace in the Lord anytime soon, but maybe this could be foreshadowing Carol being the one to finally put Father Gabriel out of his misery?

Soz, father!
Soz, father!

In the upper-middle of the image, there is what looks suspiciously like a walker who just so happens to be wearing a wedding ring and Deanna's necklace. Also, if you look closely it looks like Michonne is holding her back (check out the gloves). Who knows where this storyline might go, but we can definitely expect a not so fresh new Deanna to come ambling after Rick and the gang in the mid-season premiere.

While these are the most interesting images, there are also some teasers of possible communication with the wider world (the satellite) and a new injury for Rick that seems to mirror the much more serious wound heading Carl's way...

There also seems to be an image of either the hilltop colony or Alexandria burning and Morgan on a horse (complete with saddle) that will hopefully be luckier than Rick's beast of burden in Season 1.

Our beloved Walking Dead expert Allanah is away for a few weeks, so I'm sure I've missed a few details that only a mega fan would be able to spot, but I'm sure you guys can fill me in in the comments below!

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