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This article will feature some speculation/spoilers for Season 6 of 'Game of Thrones,' so if you don't want to see those, this is where you should stop reading.

Looks like Ed is dead — forever!

In a recent interview with Larry King, Game of Thrones alumni Sean Bean was asked the following question:

"Would you ever consider playing Ned Stark in a prequel series of Game of Thrones? Are there any plans for the character to come back in future seasons of the show?"

There has been some speculation regarding Ned Stark's potential return, and by now it's pretty much accepted that there will be a flashback scene from his childhood, so it will feature a much younger actor. Sean Bean seems to be aware of this, and he saw an opportunity to have some fun:

"I don't know. There's been talk of it, of Ned Stark coming back and I don't know how he could come back. Maybe as a zombie! Flashbacks, yeah. Have a shave, make myself look a bit younger."

I don't know about you, but I would definitely love to see zombie Sean Bean on screen this Spring! Plus, considering the scene below, he can't possibly be alive and well...

If you want to watch the whole interview, then head on over to this link.



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