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In the lavish world of labial cosmetics, Evolution of Smooth's (EOS) affordable lip balm was all the rage with a ludicrously large amount of celebrity endorsements.

She can't stop applying it, but she wishes she had.
She can't stop applying it, but she wishes she had.

Whether you saw Miley applying it in the 'We Can't Stop' music video, Kylie Jenner insta-ing about it, or Demi Lovato singing EOS's praises on Twitter, it didn't matter because those damn cute martian-like pods were able to sell themselves, baby.

Unfortunately, once a good portion of us had already smothered the stuff over our lips, the danger of this too-good-to-be-true product came to the surface. There were complaints of cracked lips getting increasingly worse with each application of EOS's balm, blistering, bleeding and rashes around the mouth.

It's not looking good, EOS.

Demi clearly angry at the pacifier-looking balm.
Demi clearly angry at the pacifier-looking balm.

Actually, it's looking rather bleak as the company is now being faced with a class action law suit, brought by customer Rachael Cronin, claiming that use of the product brought about a "panoply of bad reactions, including severe rashes, bleeding, blistering, cracking, and loss of pigmentation."

Check out EOS's Facebook get-out clause:

Some of you may have seen reports of a lawsuit filed against our company. We wanted to be sure that you, our valued...

Posted by eos on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What do you guys think? The pictures of the celebs using the product seem perfectly fine but then of course it would be if it's your first time trying the product/if you even tried the product (I'm looking at you Kylie K and Gwen Stefani). Of course, you can't ignore the pictures of the severe lip reactions either.


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