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You've heard of Judge Dredd, right? Are you a fan of dystopian societies ruled by crime, but policed by bad-ass cops who have the authority to act as judge, jury and executioner? Then you'll love Dredd.

Judge Dredd is a cop whose jurisdiction is Mega-City-One, which covers much of Eastern North America. As a "street judge" Joseph Dredd is the embodiment of the law itself as he patrols with his "lawgiver" pistol and "lawmaster" motorcycle.

Check out the trailer for the 2012 Dredd movie.

Dredd went down pretty well with both fans and critics. It wasn't perfect, but it gave the fans what they were looking for; at least enough that it continues to resonate over three years later.

The consequence of this was a petition for a sequel, launched by Brian Ritchie and Frank Palmer, which has already achieved an amazing 136,000 signatures. You can find and sign the petition here.

However, the petition has since evolved and now fans are hoping to see Judge Dredd back in his own live-action television series.


What's more impressive is that 2000AD, the comic book which first offered Judge Dredd to the world, has now offered their support to Brian and Frank's petition, alongside their parent company Rebellion.

According to Newsarama, Jason Kingsley (co-owner of Rebellion and 2000AD) had this to say in response to the appeal for a Dredd revival:

“What Frank and Brian have achieved over the last three years has been incredible – they’ve kept the fires burning and their decision to open out the campaign to include TV and films is a sensible one.
Who amongst us wouldn’t want to see a Dredd series from Netflix or Amazon? I wish them all the best and thank them for keeping the faith. In the meantime, we’ve been doing – and will continue to do - all we can to give the fans what they want, which is more from the incredibly rich world of Judge Dredd.”

In addition to the support of Rebellion and 2000AD, Brian and Frank's petition also has the backing of Dredd stars Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby. In response, Frank Palmer has commented:

“When Brian and I first began the ‘Make A Dredd Sequel’ page on Facebook we never dreamt we’d get this level of support from fellow fans. And when 2000 AD got in touch to say they’d like to support us, it was a dream come true and the petition we started has gone on to number 136,000 names."

Brian Ritchie and Frank Palmer have worked their asses off to encourage a Dredd revival. A live-action Dredd series would be pretty damn awesome, so why not sign the petition yourself and see if we can get ourselves an awesome dystopian series in the not too distant future?

(Source: newsarama.)


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