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There needs to be a horror Craigslist movie made pronto, as it seems like Craigslist is just the place festering murder, rape, and robbery.

On January 2nd, one Craigslister posted this chilling message:

A spokesperson for the Tulsa Police Department has reported that there is an investigation underway. The post might even possibly be a hoax or a prank, as the homicide squad has found no leads matching the murder from this post.

While the site might be an excellent place to find a roomie or sell some items, it is also a place where dangerous predators can find their prey without having to even leave their living rooms.

Just last week, Craigslist finally hit 100 murders when a 22-year-old man from Gary, Indiana tried to rob a middle-aged couple when they met to buy his car off of him.

Another famously horrific instance occurred when the "Craigslist Killer" was accused of robbing three women and even killing one after connecting over the personals section on Craigslist.

According to criminologist Jack Levin at Northeastern University,

"Traditionally, the majority of murders were committed by killers who knew their victims. Thanks to the Internet generally and Craigslist in particular, stranger homicides have been on the increase."

This site is appealing for killers and criminals, one being that Craigslist allows you to be anonymous.

To avoid more instances, and to ensure the safety of Craigslist users, Craigslist needs to hire moderators, make its safety page more noticeable, and to create a safe exchange zone project, much like the ones being worked in Virginia and Florida.

Also, Craigslist needs to be on top of immediately digging up research with high-profile investigations. While working on this Tulsa case, it took more than several days for Craigslist to give the Tulsa police the IP address of the user who posted about the murder.

[Source: The Washington Post]


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