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Well, Beerus is the god of destruction. Till now the strongest fighter we have seen in action. Being the god of destruction this guy can literally destroy planets just by moving his finger. In the movie, Battle of gods though goku lost to him even after turning into a super saiyan god he gave a decent fight. At that point Akira Toriyama said considering powers if Goku is 6, Beerus is 10 and Whis is 15.

Since, then a lot happened in Dragon Ball Super. Goku and Vegeta turned into super saiyan god super saiyan, defeated Golden Frieza in the movies on process in the series. And from Manga we know they are going to take part in an epic tournament. Meanwhile, Goku and Vegeta trained under Whis. Though, Vegeta kind of said that he will train for the god of destruction post. I personally think that won’t happen they are warriors and they are not going to set down for any post.

Now, after all that training with Whis, turning into super saiyan god super saiyan and then training in time chamber for 3 years. Goku should be at-least 8 now with vegeta being around the same more or less. And by the time they are done with the tournament they shall almost reach the level of Beerus.

And we all know eventually Beerus and Whis will be defeated at one point. I mean that’s the purpose. Dragon Ball series will always end with Goku being on the top and Vegeta somewhere near. When Dragon Ball ended Goku was the strongest fighter defeating Picollo. When DBZ ended Goku became the strongest fighter by defeating Buu.

Now, what I am going to focus on this video is who among the two deserves to defeat Beerus sama more?

Well, the sole purpose of Goku’s training and fighting is for him to become the strongest fighter in the universe. Vegeta also wants to surpass Goku and thus become the strongest fighter in the universe. But, Vegeta has this pride and honor type of thing also going on side by side.

Now, when Beeerus came to earth for the first time; Vegeta went out of his character. He danced and did whatever necessary. The usual Vegeta we know would never do that. He would probably die before doing such shits. But, we see a more matured and redefined Vegeta as he held his rage for a long time. He did lose it when Beerus slapped Bulma and landed some epic blows on Beerus though. But, then Whis concentrated more on making Vegeta control his powers during the training.

So, when it comes to who deserves to beat Beerus. My vote goes to Vegeta. Why?

Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegeta
Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegeta

Because, Goku had no past with Beerus; Beerus just came to him seeking for a fight. Vegeta on the other hand, has a long history. Vegeta as a kid saw his father King Vegeta bowing down to Beerus just like that! And Vegeta has a lot of pride about himself, his father and the saiyan race. And seeing his father helpless like that must have been a big shock in his childhood. And made a huge impact on him; also the fact that Beerus was the one who ordered Frieza to destroy Planet Vegeta. Besides, Goku took out Frieza back in the days at planet Namek. While clearly Vegeta always wanted to take revenge. I mean Goku didn’t give a fuck about the Saiyan race. Goku doesn’t even know his father. While Vegeta knew how Frieza killed his father, destroyed his planet and enslaved him from the very beginning. And his pride and thirst for revenge against Frieza was way more than that of Goku’s. However, Goku defeated Frieza for the requirement of the plot and which was bound to happen. Then, again on Resurrection F. Vegeta was finally in the verge of killing Frieza. But, for whatever reason at the end of the day it didn’t happen. Also in Vegeta helplessly watched Super Saiyan God Goku fighting Beerus and had nothing to do.

So, I feel it’s finally the time for Vegeta to defeat a top opponent alone and absolutely clearly! And at that moment he shall surpass Goku and have his much desired moment of glory and vengeance. The plot can go anyway even if it requires Goku to not fight or lose to Beerus.

And what will Goku get? Goku gets Whis. It’s almost confirmed in one way that at the end Goku will defeat the strongest opponent. So, he should be able to defeat Whis.

Brothers what do you think? Bless the comment section with your opinion!

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