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Please note that this article may contain spoilers to Star Wars Episode 7.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there once was a princess that went by the name Leia Organa. Although a princess, she was not as delicate and fragile as many people believed a princess should be, she was strong and brave and unwavering. No matter what the Fates threw her way she never, not even once, was tempted by the Dark Side of the Force.

I think it is safe to say that those that have Skywalker blood running through their veins have a horrid tendency of falling prey to the Dark Side. It was Anakin Skywalker (A.K.A Darth Vader) who helped initiate the near total genocide of the Jedi Order and followed to cause unimaginable chaos and fear to spread across the galaxy. Kylo Ren, Anakin's grandson and Leia's own son, aided the First Order in the unprecedented destruction of numerous Republic planets. Even the great Jedi Master, [Luke Skywalker](tag:3704047), although only briefly, was tempted by the Dark Side. But Leia never was, even though she had more reason then most to do so.

We all know that Leia, being the twin brother of Luke Skywalker, is fully capable of utilising the Force which, admittedly, would come in quite handy when being a diplomat. No questions would ever be asked, a little Force persuasion and the princess could have a whole planet bowing before her. However, Leia never did. she preferred to convince people to follow under their own accord rather then through fear and the Force. This is a feat many Jedi failed to accomplish.

Even if Princess Leia refused to utilise Force persuasion, there was nothing stopping her from falling to the Dark Side and becoming a very formidable Sith Lord. Anakin had fallen to the darkness in an attempt to save his beloved Padme from a doom he himself initiated. Luke swayed between the sides in an attempt to protect his family and friends, who he feared would not survive Emperor Palpatine's attacks. Leia herself had not been spared the Dark Side's temptations but it never won against her resolve.

Shorty after the battle of Yavin, Leia lost her adoptive family along with her whole planet to the Death Star and this was only one of the many hardships this poor princess would have to face. Many years after the death of her real father, her husband, Han Solo, was murdered by her own son who had joined the Dark Side. And, if that wasn't enough to handle, prior to this terrible incident, she had been practically abandoned by her brother, Luke, and left to fight the First Order alone.

But Leia Organa Solo never wavered in her determination to protect the galaxy, even over her own misfortunes. Although her own planet had been destroyed. she continued to fight along the Rebel Alliance to prevent further terrible destruction from happening to others planets. Even though her son had turned to the Dark Side, Leia never failed to believe that he would, someday, return to them. After being left behind by her brother, she continued to search for the missing pieces of the map that would lead her to him. When Han Solo was murdered, she didn't turn to the Dark Side, she continued to lead to Rebellion and protect the galaxy. These are all just causes to turn to the Dark Side but it never won.

Leia had countless occasions where it may have been easy and even tempting to go to the Dark side, she never swayed. Although some may say the Skywalker bloodline is cursed to be tempted by the Darkness it has, as yet, never claimed Leia. So you can keep your princesses with their tiaras, Princess Leia Organa has, if anything, earned my respect and, I hope, she has earned yours.



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