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Gag An

The hot blooded fans eager to see the epic movie which is months away, gets even ardent to know that Bizarro (Superman's clone) created by Lex Luthor is the new villain to enter.

The movie has reached high expectation ever since the release of trailers. This is a set back by the director Zack Snyder to keep it as eye opener for the fans.

Well in the movie, Lex who controls Zod's body and Kryptonite, has an deceitful of stealing Superman DNA. Bizarro role would be the inadvertently lining-up for the "Justice League, Part 1".The addition of Batman to Superman's sequel will also kick off the future DC comic book adventures of "The Justice League," a two-part movie event that will also directed by Zack Snyder.

This is getting more interested as it turns out to be as the Bizarro would have been destroyed by the superman in comics.Or the director is planing the character to be more superior in the story.


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