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Sometimes I play video games.
Rob Harris

Reefa-minded rapper Snoop Dogg has a long and storied history with video games. There was the time he blew up a car to promote Zynga's hit Facebook game Mafia Wars.

Then there was his sick (or rather sic) rap he wrote for TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2 titled 'Knocc Em Down'.

And, lest we forget, his kung-fu-themed rhythm game Way of the Dogg.

So, we can agree, games are pretty close to the star's heart. That being the case, Snoop is less than happy with Xbox Live's recent outage, taking to Instagram to vent his frustrations and threaten to switch console allegiance in favor of Sony's PS4. Unless, of course, Bill Gates agrees to 'fix his shit'.

Get it together Xbox, the Dogg has spoken.

[Source: Instagram]


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