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Britain's The Guardian newspaper has just announced that the legendary screen and stage actor Alan Rickman has died.

His family confirmed his death on Thursday, revealing that the BAFTA winning actor had been suffering from cancer.

Rickman will be remembered an as actor who endeared himself to both young and old generations, playing such iconic roles as Professor Snape in the Harry Potter franchise, Han Gruber in Die Hard, and the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. The fact he regularly played villains, but was still able to endear himself warmly to audiences, is surely a testament to his sublime acting abilities.

Watch an iconic moment from Rickman's Harry Potter career below:

He will also be remembered for his political and charitable advocacy. He claimed he was born a “a card-carrying member of the Labour party” and was deeply involved with charities such as Saving Faces and acted as the Honorary President of International Performers’ Aid Trust — a group which seeks to help performers in impoverished countries. More recently he had been involved with the Palmyra Relief — a charity that provides wounded Syrian children with prosthetic limbs.

Alan Rickman was 69 years old.

Source: The Guardian


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