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After the news of David Bowie and Lemmy from Motorhead passing, it seems that another legend has joined their company.

Alan Rickman , arguably best known for his role of Snape in the Harry Potter movies, has passed away at the age of 69.

This is a tragedy to the acting world as Alan Rickman was a very versatile actor who took on many iconic roles in his acting career.

Here I have selected the 4 best movies that fans will remember him by.

Severus Snape- Harry Potter

This was perhaps the most famous role that Alan Rickman portrayed. Severus Snape is a teacher at Hogwarts who despises Harry Potter and is generally seen as a devious and deceptive character. Right up until the last movie where the plot of his role is revealed. And when the dust has settled we learn that Snape was a hero all along.

Fans of the Harry Potter world also loved the relationship and the part Severus had to play within the franchise.

Alan Rickman's portrayal of Snape was both sinister and comforting at the same time. A brilliant performance that no one other than Alan Rickman could have portrayed.

Hans Gruber- Die Hard

In the iconic film of Die Hard, Alan Rickman plays the villain to Bruce Willis named Hans Gruber.

His devious portrayal of the villain saw him immortalised in the movie and in Hollywood in general , as one of the greatest villains of all time!

His calm but menacing acting ,as well as his accent(of course) helped him make the role of Hans Gruber terrifying.

Sheriff of Nottingham-Robin Hood

Starring alongside Hollywood royalty ,such as Morgan Freeman and Kevin Costner, Alan Rickman played the role of the the Sheriff of Nottingham in the 1991 blockbuster Robin Hood!

He played the role of the Sheriff of Nottingham who was ,again, the villain-however Alan Rickman brought a "creep" factor to the role as his acting always portrayed menace when it was needed.

This movie is now iconic and that is partially due to Alan Rickman's portrayal of The Sheriff of Nottingham. Well done sir!

Marvin the paranoid Android-The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy

That's right, incase you didn't know Alan Rickman did the voice for the brilliantly funny-Marvin the paranoid Android in The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy!

Marvin was comical and altogether useless as he was clearly depressed, however i feel that this would have made voicing him really difficult. To get the right tone and so on.

There is no doubt that The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy is an iconic movie, and again, it is due it's success-in part-to Alan Rickman!

A legend is lost......

The man , the legend Alan Rickman.
The man , the legend Alan Rickman.


Alan Rickman was an amazing and talented actor, who could star in every genre of film and fit in. His menacing portrayal of classic villains such as Snape will ensure that his talents are always appreciated. We shall miss you Alan Rickman, gone far too soon and your acting in movies shall be something that fans will always remember.


Let me know what films you love that star Alan Rickman in the comments section below, but until next time folks-Ciao!


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