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Today Geek Nation has lost one of it's crown jewels with the passing of Alan Rickman. The brilliant thespian went down with a fight after going toe to toe with cancer. His passing is especially heartbreaking as members of the "geekdom" community are still wiping tears from the passing of David Bowie who died earlier this week from cancer as well. Both of these gentlemen will be missed, but definitely not forgotten.

Alan Rickman has participated in some of Hollywood's fan favorites. Whether it's cult classics like Galaxy Quest or blockbusters like Die Hard, Rickman's managed to put his signature on all of his films and constantly stole the show.

The word "anti-villain" is so popular in cinema today. Fans love to see a villain with redeeming traits. It's such a necessary characteristics for baddies in blockbusters now, but before anti-villains were cool, Rickman was the guy we all kept our fingers crossed for and hoped would make it out alive just to seem him shine in a sequel.

Hans Gruber: Die Hard
Hans Gruber: Die Hard

The actor portrayed Hans Gruber -- both arguably and literally one of the best villains of all time. In 2003, the character received a top 50 ranking from the American Film Institute's 100 years... 100 Heroes and Villains list.

Professor Snape: Harry Potter franchise
Professor Snape: Harry Potter franchise

A new generation of film buffs were given the opportunity to witness Rickman in action during the Harry Potter installments from 2001-2011. As much as he tried to make us hate his character, from The Philosopher's Stone to Deathly Hallows-Part 2, there was always a charm to him that made Snape seem scary, comedic, and tough to root against at the same time.

These two roles are the most iconic capes Rickman dawned during his time on earth. His IMDb page is cluttered with gigs that made fans everywhere laugh, cry, laugh some more, and wake up in the middle of night from horrific nightmares. He played the guy you loved to hate most of the times, but hearing him in interviews & watching his behind the scenes emotions on BluRay special features, it was obvious this guy was no bad guy.



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