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Patrick Karnes

So far The Force Awakens only had received three Oscar nominations. One for visual effects, another for best score and finally best editing. This is very disappointing considering all the records it beat. With the committee that does the nominations having nominated Lord of the Rings when all three of them came out I think everyone was hoping that the committee finally acknowledged films loved by those of us who were not into love stories or serious roles only.

Also in other news the young Han Solo actor shortlist came out.

Unfortunately there was one name missing. Anthony Ingruber the actor and impressionist that had already once played a young Harrison Ford in The Age of Adeline does not even seem to be considered for the role. If you think he should be considered let people know by signing the petition that is currently going around.

If you look at the picture up top then look at this one you can see the similarity. Now YouTube has him doing impressions of Ford and he absolutely nails it. He had done his homework.

So what do think on both issues? Should Star wars have received more nods? Should Anthony Ingruber play Solo?

Let us know!


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