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Can you believe It's Always Sunny has been on for eleven seasons? If you're like me than you watch Tosh.0 and afterwards watch The Good Wife as a palate cleanser. A little drama goes a long way, and most of the time I just want to laugh at something not in the scope of everyday life. These comedies are in my opinion, the best on TV right now! Enjoy!

New Girl (Fox)

Yes, that theme song was immensely annoying, but this cast of characters brings the rawkus! How can you watch and not be enamored with Winnie.B? How is it every time Nick and Schmidt are close, you automatically think Schmidt is going to lay a wet one on Nick (Is that just me)? How can Jess keep surprising with actions that are unbecoming of a lady (They're really a bad influence on her!)? The premise is simple, new girl moves in - and she is love-able, with a bunch of immature jackasses!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox)

Captain Holt might be the funniest person on television right now! Boyle, no you may not shampoo my hair! Amy, Gina, Rosa are comedy's best trio of women on television (emphasis on trio). Will Jake ever catch Doug Judy a.k.a The Pontiac Bandit? Why does Terry like yogurt so much? I will never forget you Dante Thunderstorm! It is a comedy, set in a police station, where the characters actually care about their jobs (enough said)!

The Goldbergs (ABC)

I watch every week in anticipation to see which member drops an expletive. Big Tasty might one of the dumbest, but funniest characters on TV. I did not think that this show would make it to a season three, and thankfully I was wrong. How can a show, set in the 80's, about a Jewish family in Philadelphia be so funny? I used to get angry about how the show would end with a sappy message about family, but now, well I still do. Just watch this show, and tell me you're not hooked after one of Big Tasty's dope rhymes!

Broad City (Comedy Central) No Mo' FOMO!

Did Kelly Ripa just buy some gigolos? Yes, she most certainly bought some for her and Abbi. Thank Valhalla, this show just got renewed for two more seasons! Abbi and Illana are two of the funniest people on television right now. I enjoy certain sketches from Inside Amy Schumer (12 Angry Men,classic), but she doesn't bring the noise like Broad City. Who obsesses over a strap-on (I am serious)? Who masturbates to themselves in front of a mirror? When Illana won't stop eating shellfish, even though she's allergic, classic Broad City. Would you sleep with O.J. Simpson? No, Abbi would!

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FXX)

This is my favorite show of all-time! I love Game of Thrones. The Flash, True Detective season 1, and this show just barely beats Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Do you want to play a game of Chardee Macdennis? Do you have a toe knife? Have you ever used the D.E.N.N.I.S system while picking up woman? Charlie Kelly, is the funniest character to ever appear on television. I know my one to three readers who will read this is going, " Hey man, comedy is subjective, and things!" No, It's Always Sunny is the funniest show ever, this the only absolute I know! I am feeling hungry, better go find some cat food!

Honorable Mention - Phil Dunphy - Modern Family

What's the most dangerous kind of Uranium Cake? Yaylow! I only watch Modern Family because of Phil - he is the most awesome TV dad ever! I know, I love TV shows too much, or I am just not afraid to admit it! Please feel free to disagree, and if you do disagree, it better not be about It's Always Sunny, thanks!


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