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Diablo 3 was released in may of 2012, almost 4 years ago, and not only is it still an incredible game to play, but Blizzard have continued to support it with patches and new content. Their latest patch, 2.4.0, has some beautiful surprises in store for those that can't get enough of all that gold!

Diablo 3 Patch 2.0 Is Golden

Hmm... I do like gold.
Hmm... I do like gold.

Fans have been waiting for this patch for a long time, but now it's finally live in the U.S. and E.U. This is quite a sizable update we're talking about here, complete with new zones, game mechanics, and items. Now's your time to get back into this masterpiece of game design if you've been away for a while! Let's run through some of the best features that patch 2.4.0 has for us, shall we?

New Items Abound

Think you've got the best the gear in the game? Not anymore you don't! New items have been added to Diablo 3, and their power knows no bounds. Additionally, there have been over 100 changes made to previous attacks and weapons, adding new powers on or increasing their damage. You can check out the full list of items over here.

More Inventory Space

Any game that claims to be introducing this feature is loved in my book. I'm tired of having to manage my inventory in video games, it's beyond tedious and Fallout 4 was probably the worst example of this in history. A sixth set piece is now purchasable for 500,000 gold in Diablo 3 and additional ones can be unlocked by completing seasonal objectives.

Looks like I'm returning to Diablo 3.
Looks like I'm returning to Diablo 3.

Diablo II Stormshield

:O Blizzard have gone and hidden a beautiful item from Diablo's predecessor in the new Royal Quarters zone. The Stormshield from Diablo II is a purely cosmetic item, but who cares? I'd wear it! You'll find it in Leoric’s Manor after you uncover a secret bookcase with the shield lying on an armor rack.

Greyhollow Island

Yep, we're getting a whole new area in Diablo 3. Greyhollow Island is coming along with the patch and it'll be accessible via the map for Act V. This area is brand, spanking new. It includes new events, new monsters, new items, all of which are contained within a nice swampy locale. Count me in!

Thank you, Blizzard.
Thank you, Blizzard.

New, Set Dungeons

This is one of the biggest features of Blizzard's latest patch! 2.4.0 will be introducing various set dungeons - 24 of them to be exact - all of which are designed around a specific item that awaits you. What you'll have to do is find the pieces that are connected with the dungeon in the open world - find all six pieces and its location will be revealed to you on the map. These may be tricky to find. Have your wits about you!


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