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Now that Oscar nominations are filtering through the world, it's time for the inevitable reaction round-up! The lucky nominees are finding out that they've received one of the most prestigious honors in their field, and their famous friends, family, and co-workers are letting their support be known.

Here are just some of the celebrity reactions to today's Academy Awards announcement!

The nominees could barely control their excitement

Sam Smith was ready to faint after nabbing a spot in the Best Song category for Spectre's "Writings on the Wall."

Thank you very much for the Nomination The Academy. What an honor. What a category. Congratulations to Spotlight Movie for its 6 noms!!!

Posted by Mark Ruffalo on Thursday, January 14, 2016

Mark Ruffalo remained humble and adorable after hearing about his Best Supporting Actor nod.

Brie Larson proved she's America's next sweetheart with the cutest tweet in the bunch.

Lady Gaga is likely to become an Oscar winner in the same year she won a Golden Globe for acting. Who woulda thunk?

I am beyond grateful and humbled by this nomination. I feel incredibly honored to be recognized among the other amazing...

Posted by Jennifer Lawrence on Thursday, January 14, 2016

Even though this is her fourth nomination (making her the youngest nominee to reach this achievement), Jennifer Lawrence remains humbled by her constant recognition.

Co-stars who weren't nominated were sure to let their support be known

Though she didn't nab a Best Actress nomination, Charlize Theron was thrilled enough to tweet her support to the whole cast and crew of Mad Max: Fury Road.

#insideout nominated for best animated film and screenplay! I am so proud of this movie. They thought exploring inside a...

Posted by Mindy Kaling on Thursday, January 14, 2016

Mindy Kaling may have voiced Disgust in Inside Out, but she was expressing nothing but Joy in her celebratory Facebook post.

Steve Carell was generating a lot of early buzz for the Best Actor race but ultimately didn't make the cut. That didn't faze him, and he expressed his support for his co-star, director, writers, and more!

Jessica Chastain celebrated Matt Damon's nomination and the rest of The Martian's success with this delightful post.

Oh, did I say that Brie Larson's tweet was the cutest? I lied. This is the cutest thing that has ever happened. And now I wish even more than before that Jacob Tremblay got the nomination he deserved!

Not content to let the insiders have all the fun, famous friends of the stars got in on the love fest

Howard Stern sent out his praises to Lady Gaga.

Director Edgar Wright congratulated his friends on the impressive number of noms for Spotlight.

Young director Xavier Dolan sent his support to Charlotte Rampling who was nominated for the first time for the film 45 Years.

Amid the excitement, there were a few critics

Questlove was hoping that "See You Again" would take home the trophy, but Wiz Khalifa's song from Furious 7 wasn't even nominated.

Janet Mock was one of the people calling out the Oscars for it's all-white nominations in the acting categories for the second year in a row.

Lastly, Patton Oswalt had mixed feelings and was hoping for some more love for Creed.

No matter your stance on the nominations or the Oscars in general, you've gotta admit they inspire a lot of spirited discussion, and this year is clearly no different!

(H/T: Entertainment Weekly)


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