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High fashion designers are always reaching for new limits to achieve truly avant-garde style, but Guillermo Meraz is one of the few who has looked to a galaxy far, far away for inspiration. On the Facebook page where he publishes his impressive illustrations, Meraz has given us a glimpse at what the world of haute couture could look like if the current Star Wars phenomenon pervades the runway.

Here are some of his incredible designs (from both The Force Awakens and the original trilogy) that may make you look at your favorite character in a whole new way.


The cutest little droid around also makes for an adorable little cocktail dress (plus gravity-defying matching shoes).

Boba Fett

More like Boba Fetching, amirite?


Who knew Threepio would look exactly like Lady Gaga once he got all dolled up?


Hopefully no Wookiees were harmed in the making of this jacket.


It looks like this outfit comes with Artoo's quintessential sass built right in.


She may not have enough time to think about her outfits while she's fighting to survive, but this makes me want to see Rey don something flowing like this in future movies.

Darth Vader

Lady Vader has no time for your bullshit (but she did manage to accessorize).


An the award for most amazing shoes goes to...

Be sure to check out the rest of Guillermo Meraz's work on his website!

(Source: Guillermo Meraz Fashion Illustration)


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