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More to Prime? You bet there is! And a big part of that "more" we're talking about is the hilarious film franchise, Hillbilly Horror Show, which is now available for FREE with your Amazon Prime subscription!

With their hysterical brand of hillbilly humor, Hillbilly Horror Show has grown by leaps and bounds. Now, the team at Hillbilly Horror Show have finally found themselves landing on the big stage of streaming platforms, which includes not only Amazon Prime, but iTunes, Google Play, VUDU, and Hoopla as well.

Producer and star, Bo Keister said:

It's big time. As an indie filmmaker, you always want to get your work out there to a worldwide audience; and it doesn't get much better than these platforms. It's even better when you know they can check it out for free as part of their subscription. Hopefully they watch it, love it, and want to see more.

If you haven't checked out Hillbilly Horror Show, now is the perfect time! See the list below to find your favorite streaming service and enjoy!

Amazon Prime - FREE with Subscription, Rent/Purchase Available Without
- Available for Rent or Purchase
Google Play
- Available for Rent or Purchase
- Free with Library Card # and PIN Code
- Available for Rent or Purchase
- FREE with Subscription
YouTube Movie Rentals
- Available for Rental

Learn more about Hillbilly Horror Show on their website, and following along at Facebook and Twitter!


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