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When there was an vacuum of Star Wars films the announcement that there would be 'Anthology' films (now branded as Star Wars stories), in between the new main saga films the fandom was rightfully excited. As news poured out that we would finally see the daring heist undertaken by the Rebels prior to A New Hope to steal the Death Star plans, and a young Han Solo film as well as an installment for Boba Fett -- the community got truly amped for what the next few years hold in terms of Star Wars content.

Now that Disney has successfully salvaged the franchise via The Force Awakens, fans are settling into the reality that the young Han Solo movie we were so stoked on previously, is probably not such a great idea. I have no doubt in the writing prowess of Lawrence Kasdan and his son, I mean the man gave us Han Solo to begin with, but let's be honest -- we know Han's arc and it's a damn good one as is. If anything let's convert this film into a Netflix movie that kicks off a young Han Solo series, that will make it easier to accept a new Han Solo that isn't Harrison Ford while salvaging whatever efforts have been put to bring this to the big screen.

One of the biggest problems the Han Solo standalone faces is that it stands to make the mistakes of the Prequel Trilogy by giving us more backstory than we really need. With the canon slate having been wiped clean Disney has the ability to tell new and original stories that need not always have to pay fan service. You did it with TFA, we trust you, now take us somewhere new. Rogue One is a perfect example of telling us a story that we've only imagined thanks to one line in A New Hope's opening crawl, that doesn't rely entirely on familiar characters (assuming Vader/Tarkin make an appearance).

I say all this to argue not that the Han Solo standalone is probably a bad idea, which others have already posited and I fear they may be right, but to suggest that the Boba Fett standalone do something different as well by not being a prequel. We've seen young Boba in The Phantom Menace and in the Clone Wars. During the OT he captured the imagination, but let's be honest he doesn't really do much. Assuming he made it out of the Sarlacc pit which Chuck Wendig's Aftermath hints at strongly---what became of the man?

Focusing on the story of Boba Fett between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, would be a truly compelling and one worth telling. It is a 30 year window that sees the remnants of the Empire attempt to grip to power against the ascendant New Republic, a new Jedi Order forming somewhere in the Galaxy, and Snoke in the shadows setting things up for the rise of the First Order. All of the chaos following the fall of the Galactic Empire seem like fertile ground for the likes of a Bounty Hunter.


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