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Baldwin Collins

The world of stage and cinema mourn's the passing of the late Alan Rickman. actor/director. there's so much of rickman's catalog stage and film work i cannot cover in this tribute. So i just Mention those he's mostly Famous for. my favorite. ''DIE HARD'' (1988) as an unusually suave tailered Terrorist named Hans Gruber. a role that debut him into films, and probably stereo-type cast him in other Hollywood films as the lead Villain.

Roles he played Brilliantly. He was the Sheriff of Nottingham in ''ROBIN HOOD'' prince of thieves' (1991) alongside Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman. and played an Irish political figure named Eamon De valera, alongside Liam Neeson's Patriot and Revolutionary in ''MICHAEL COLLINS'' ( 1996)

He co-starred in the Sci-fi spoof '' titled ''Galaxy Quest'' (1999) alongside Tim Allen and sigourney Weaver. a very un-likely film for such a brilliant actor in my opinion.

The world of film Fans will probably remember him as professor Severus Snapes from the Harry Potter film Franchise. THE LATE ALAN RICKMAN R.I.P.


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