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Now this is just a concept idea. But what if the biggest baddie in Star Wars was to be resurrected or so to speak, the second coming of Vader. I am still all for all the new characters, love them. But what if Disney put a twist on new Star Wars saga. Hearing all this talk about life and death mixed with Star Wars, Disney should just jump on the hype and mix it in to the story. Now there might be up to a year or years between episode 7 and 8, so there should be a lot of story about the new characters to not be out shined by Vader. If Vader is resurrected it should be at the end of Star Wars Episode 8 to give are new characters more story and background leading to a big plot twist. Snoke should have one of the Rens go retrieve Anakin Skywalkers Padawan braid that padme amidala puts away in her jewelry box.

Now after she died her stuff could of been auctioned off or been put on a museum or bough off by collectors.Any way have Snoke have a ren retrieve it, Snoke and the rens do some kind of dark side ritual with the briad.

Snoke also uses Kylo Rens blood and Rey's blood .The ritual will create life through the dark side .A body will appear through the smog Vader will rise with a pair of black eyes ,dolls eyes so to speak .Vaders eyes will then turn sith red and be like that at all times do to being made of pure darkside.This Vader of course not as tall will be faster and will be full potential Vader miesha level force user ,stronger then luke. Luke being the most powerful force user ever will still need help defeating Vader ,because he will be that powerful. That's where are new crew comes in , then that's where episode 8 will end.In episode 9 the crew with all try to take on Vader but will all get thrown around like rag dolls and then almost die when all the rens show up on top of that. Snoke will want Vader to be his successor ,if Vader doesn't just kill him right away. This will have Kylo be left in the shadows making him jealous. Kylo not getting the power he wants and being cast aside will having him regretting following Vader and had have wished he didn't bring Vader back. Kylo not idiolizing Vader no more turns good helps the rebellion take down Vader.Luke will go to Anakins force ghost, Anakin will tell Luke how to beat him self thus having are heros beat Vader and the rest of the rens and the first order. Would you like to see this happen? Would you want to see a new Vader suit?

Or the classis one?

If Snoke is Vader than my theory could change. where Snoke wanted a younger body like in the old legends comics with emporer. Would you want to see Vader with new force powers? What you think of Kylo turning to light side this way , let me know what you guys think in the comments below.If you like this idea share this to Lucas film or Disney.


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