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First we lost rock god Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead on December 28th of this past year. Then, legendary musician David Bowie got back on his spaceship and returned to the planet from whence he came at the age of 69. Natalie Cole's voice will forever remain in our ears, but she too has left us.

Just today we lost another iconic figure. The one, the only Alan Rickman. While he was known as a brilliant actor on the stage, he was also noted for his roles in Die Hard, Dogma, Galaxy Quest, and most importantly Professor Snape in the Harry Potter series.

It hurts me terribly that we lost these brilliant artists to cancer, but they will forever live on through their films and music.

The generation that knows him as double agent Snape has been sharing one particular gif to pay tribute to this incredible actor.

After Albus Dumbledore dies in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the teachers and students of Hogwarts raise their wands, bright with light, into the air to honor him.

Fans of Rickman all over the world have taken to social media to do the exact same.

Alan Rickman, we will miss you immensely. You have always given your all with every single part you were given and will continue to live on with the roles you have immortalized during your incredibly vast career.

We will think of you. Always.

[Source: Buzzfeed]


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