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It is widely known that J.K. Rowling let one particular person in on some Harry Potter secrets before the rest of the world could get their hands on the books.

This person is Alan Rickman, the incredibly talented actor who really brought the character Professor Severus Snape to life.

Does this means that while we continually thought Snape was a bad guy, and also closely working with the evil Lord Voldemort, Rickman was one of the few to know that Snape was really working on the light side?

Alan Rickman chatted with HitFix back in 2011 to clarify the exchange between him and Rowling:

"Not true. I don't know who thinks that is true, but it's not true. She gave me one tiny, little, left of field piece of information that helped me think that he was more complicated and that the story was not going to be as straight down the line as everybody thought. If you remember when I did the first film she'd only written three or four books, so nobody knew where it was really going except her. And its was important for her that I know something, but she only gave me a tiny piece of information which helped me think it was a more ambiguous route."

This just makes his acting even more impressive. With just one little bit of information, Rickman was able to portray an insanely complicated character and shape him over the years to become a character fans still argue over.

"What I knew was he was a human being and not an automaton and I knew there was some sense of protection for Harry or I worked that out. It was enough to know, I didn't know he was a double agent."

"The books are so full of all you need to know and so full of details. That's why when I meet children and I ask, 'Have you read the books?' And they say, 'No, no, we just them on TV.' Then I say, 'Well, you've got to start reading the books.' And, of course, many of them do and become hooked in a very different way."

Bless his heart. Rickman is such a badass, he even encouraged children to find a passion in reading. I have said this before—and have gotten people angry—as I don't think you can really be a true Harry Potter fan without reading all the books. There is so much more to the story than solely watching the films!

"The writer in this case is such as consummate storyteller that you let her lead you. Whether she's given you all the information or not. Something in there leads you in the right direction. And the number of people who followed Snape's story as also a member of a reading audience is also a testament to Rowling's skills I think. And frankly, every time i put that costume on something weird took over. It's the only character and I suppose by my own instance really, never changed his costume over 10 years. Everybody else grew up or had different kinds of outfits. Never Snape and you sort of got the feeling that's the only thing he's got hanging in his wardrobe."

Rickman also admitted that while he didn't keep the black vampiric costume, he did choose to take Snape's wand as a keepsake.

So perhaps Rickman didn't know absolutely EVERYTHING that was to happen, but I know I would have loved to get absolutely any bit of information from Rowling before anybody else knew. Even if it was what color socks Dobby wears in the last book, or something as minute as that.

Rest in peace, Alan Rickman. Thank you for being such a superb actor and for knowing Snape better than anybody in the world. He will always have a special place in my heart, as he was a character that was most pained and most brave.

[Source: Hit Fix]


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