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The Oscar Nominations are finally up for this year's Academy Awards. As usual, the nomination list includes many phenomenal films while also seemingly snubbing other films which others believe deserve the same nominations.

The nominations this year included films like The Revenant, Mad Max: Fury Road, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Martian. However, there were many other films this year that also deserved recognition at the Academy Awards. One category I in particular am upset with is the nomination list for Best Visual Effects.

Every film on this nomination list had some great visual and special effects and do deserve their nominations. The visual effects in every one of these films was terrific, especially in the space oriented films like Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Martian.

However, one film in particular appears to be missing on this nomination list that I believe deserved the same acknowledgement for its terrific use of visual effects....


The visual effects seen in Ant-Man were astounding. The film brought the audience down to the level of ants, both above ground and underneath. The combination of cinematography and special effects turned the movie into an adventure that changed our view on reality.

Check out this clip of Ant-Man first testing his abilities in a bathtub. The visual effects in this scene were spectacularly well done.

Whether it was the final fight scene in Cassie's bedroom, the bathtub scene, the helicopter fight scene or the invasion of Pym Technology, Ant-Man's effects took us to a new level, giving us a view of the world we had never seen before. Though some of the set was made to look large by creating larger models of certain objects, but a majority of the effects were CGI, which is pretty phenomenal when you look at the level they had to use it at.

Outside of the size changing effects and bringing us down to a smaller view, Ant-Man also brought us into the "quantum realm," an unimaginable world of constantly moving shapes that looks almost like a Windows screensaver...but cooler!

The changing and warping in this scene in particular was remarkable. The quantum effects were similar to the Black Hole effects in 2014's Interstellar, which won the Oscar for Visual Effects last year.

Watch the clip below of Ant Man's subatomic adventure and then try and tell me that this movie did not deserve at least a nomination.

I am not sure why the Academy did not choose Ant-Man to be nominated for Visual Effects. Perhaps they did not see enough of the effects done in the film to give it the nomination, or maybe they simply did not like the film enough. This is surprising as last year the Visual Effects Oscar nominations included Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Clearly the Academy does not have a problem with Marvel or superheroes, so what was the problem?

I will go with the simple answer that they honestly believed the effects of the other films were superior to that of Ant-Man. This year, the Academy chose to add no more than 5 nominations per category, and there were 5 for Visual Effects, so clearly some had to be eliminated. It appears as though Ant-Man just did not make the cut.

Though I do not agree with the exclusion of Ant-Man for this Oscar, I will not doubt the Academy. They chose their nominations, and I'm sure they know more about film and visual effects than I do. I just can't wait to see who wins of these nominees. Although, to be honest, Ant-Man will always be the Visual Effects winner in my books.

What do you think, though? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


Do you think Ant-Man deserved a nomination for Best Visual Effects?


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