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With every year of Academy award nominations, there also comes a lot of controversy. This person was left out or that film was ignored, and this year is no different. It looks like this year the big surprises include a lot of race issues, as is pretty common in Hollywood right now. With the likes of Idris Elba, Creed and Straight Outta Compton getting a lot less attention than expected, there are many angry people out there. One of the other big shocks was Mad Max: Fury Road getting ten nominations, which really brings together the nerd community with the critical community. But every year, there are always films from throughout the year which don't receive a single nomination, and here are ten of those from 2015!

Avengers: Age of Ultron

While Marvel films have never made it into the main Oscar categories, they have made it into the visual effects and sound categories quite often. However, with popular Oscar films that are also visually stunning such as The Martian, Mad Max: Fury Road and The Revenant, the superhero filled sequel missed out completely.

Jurassic World

The now fourth highest grossing film of all time was also left out of all the visual and sound categories, which is quite surprising. In addition, it didn't make the soundtrack category, possibly because the theme was pretty much the same as the original, but it is still awesome.

Fast and Furious 7

With all of the emotion surrounding this film, it really seemed possible that it would pick up a nomination or two. I especially thought that it would get nominated for best original song with "When I See You Again", but nothing at all happened for it.

The Walk

The story exploring how Philippe Petit walked the immense void between the World Trade Center towers in 1974. This film was well received by critics, and it was a little forgotten about even running up to the awards season, with no real explanation as to why.


As was this one. Macbeth was received very well, got a lot of critical praise, and then fell out of the limelight as the awards speculation started. Maybe it is just me, but this seems totally inexplicable. I could have seen at the very least a costume nomination, but even possibly acting ones for Fassbender or Cotillard.


This is already being called one of the biggest snubs of the awards season. While I already said Marvel films aren't commonly nominated for the most major awards, it is a wonder how Ant-Man didn't receive a nomination for visual effects. It was a really stunning film, and bringing the abilities of Scott Lang to life was a great success!

The Lobster

No, before you ask I am not suggesting that Colin Farrell should get a best actor nomination. Just assume that I am never saying that. This film was a little insane, but it was well received, was the official selection at the Festival of Cannes, and had a slew of great performances.

Beasts of No Nation

As part of the trending , Idris Elba missed out on a much anticipated supporting actor nomination for his brilliant work in this Netflix Original Film. Indeed, I'm a little surprised that it didn't get nominated for best picture!


A very different film, but still one that has already won a number of awards from various film festivals and notable associations, Tangerine tells the story of a working girl who spends Christmas Eve searching for the pimp who broke her heart. I could have seen various nominations for this film, maybe not the most major ones but there are a number I feel it missed out on.

The Good Dinosaur/ Minions

While Inside Out almost certainly has the award for Best Animated Feature wrapped up, the other nominees were all quite shocking. Anomalisa, Shaun the Sheep, Boy and the Wild and When Marnie Was There are the other films up for the award, which means that both Minions and The Good Dinosaur have been completely ignored. Without a major Disney film to compete against this year, Pixar would have expected to dominate this category with their two films, and without major opposition from Dreamworks Animation (with only Home brought out this year), Illumination will be disappointed that Minions hasn't gotten any attention. Other films that missed out on this category include Hotel Transylvania 2, Peanuts Movie and Strange Magic.

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