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A story isn’t a story without conflict, especially when it’s created by an extremely compelling character. Sure, villains provide an excellent source of entertainment. Then there are those who disturb you down to your core that you start to question humanity. Here are six malicious characters who take evil to a whole new level. (So many spoilers ahead).

1. Francis Underwood (House of Cards)

Ambition can be a dangerous thing and it certainly is with House of Cards villain Francis Underwood. Throughout the series, he carefully and deliberately claws his way to the top by whatever means necessary. From manipulation to murder, he uses his position and power to get to the top. Played by Kevin Spacey, this unsavory character has been known to double, even triple cross his allies and opponents alike, destroying the lives and careers of anyone who dares stand in his way. Makes you wonder what type of evil actually sits atop Capitol Hill!

2. Kilgrave (Jessica Jones)

People are talking about how dark Marvel’s new Netflix series is. The hype would not be without one of the most controversial villains ever created. Based off the comic book villain, Mr. Purple, the power of suggestion takes a whole new meaning with Kilgrave, whose mind-control powers have been responsible for multiple murders and other atrocious crimes. His obsession with Jessica fills the entire show with a dark casting cloud, an unshakable feeling of paranoia. Having discovered his powers at a young age, he’s been accustomed to using people as his personal slaves before ultimately disposing of them permanently when he has no further use. What really pushes him over the top is his indifference in the way he casually destroys people which he does without even an ounce of remorse.

3. Oliver Thredson (American Horror Story: Asylum)

Serial killers make the most despicable villains, but there’s none as unexpectedly evil as Dr. Oliver Thredson. Hailing from American Horror Story: Asylum, the good doctor had everyone fooled! While viewers were decrying the horrific acts of Dr. Arden, it was actually Dr. Thredson, a.k.a. Bloody Face, who was secretly planning the abduction of his next victim. The revelation came after he helped Lana escape from her wrongful imprisonment. Instead of the freedom she was desperately seeking, he took her to the depths of hell. Technically, it was his secret dungeon, but the torturous acts that occurred made it practically the same.

4. Gus Fring (Breaking Bad)

A true businessman, Gus Fring rarely lets his emotions get in the way of his goals. Calm and collected, he always seems to be a step ahead of Walt. Knowing when to hold ‘em and fold ‘em, he patiently plays his cards to stack the chips in his favor. He leads a double-life without blinking an eye. On one side, he’s a gentle business man and a philanthropic member of the community. On the other, he’s a merciless ruler of a million dollar drug empire who does not risk leaving loose ends open, if you catch my drift. With eyes and ears practically everywhere, Gus was an almost unstoppable villain.

5. Joffrey Baratheon (Game of Thrones)

The tyrant ruler of the Iron Throne has earned a unanimous hatred among the Game of Thrones fan-base. Just the mere mention of his name incites a long list of inappropriate insults and scoffs, though not without good reason. Joffrey is as awful as they come using his power to inflict torture and humiliation to anyone that even looks at him wrong. What’s probably the most irksome characteristic of the young king is his lack of physical strength. Instead, like a sniveling spoiled despot, he uses his power to command others to do his dirty work while taking pleasure in enacting his sadistic methods. He did have one hell of a death scene though:

6. Gemma Teller Morrow (Sons of Anarchy)

The matriarch of SAMCRO, Gemma, starts out as a likable character. She’s witty, charming, and an all around badass. Throughout the series, we see her use her manipulative ways to control the tides behind the scenes. She constantly convinces herself and others that her motives are for the benefit of the club and her family but by the end of the series, it becomes clear that she is struggling to maintain her unique position of power within the organization. The apex of her destructive behavior occurs when she murders Tara, wife to her son Jax out of fear that she would leave the family and take away her grandchildren. And you thought your mother-in-law was bad…


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