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He Will Come for You follows a young man’s descent into madness as he is terrorized by an unknown figure from his mysterious past.

The debut effort of up-and-coming South African filmmakers Dead Monkey Productions, as well as acting debut of rising talents Oscar Wright & Adam Swanepoel, this micro-budget film instills a thick sense of atmosphere and suspense through its minimalistic scares and retro-inspired synthesizer soundtrack – provided by excellent local RetroWave pioneers Terrorvizion.

Shot on DSLR, utilizing primarily the location’s natural & pre-existing lighting and accomplished for a total production budget of approximately $30 – He Will Come for You establishes our crew at Dead Monkey Productions as a group of ambitious young filmmakers to watch.

Defying the trends & norms of South African filmmaking, we are a small group of obsessive film lovers combining our eclectic influences to create an original brand of genre entertainment. Our guerrilla filmmaking approach and openness to improvisation make us a dynamic and exciting crew.

Drawing strong influence from the earlier films of Sam Raimi, John Carpenter, George Miller and the like, Dead Monkey insists on using whatever is available to them already in the most creative ways possible – a.k.a. using our editor’s camera, DOP’s apartment block & sound guy’s car to create He Will Come for You.

With feature film ambitions in tow, Dead Monkey soon enters pre-production on They Came from Above – a sci-fi short, which we hope to bring to life in full-length format. Influenced by films such as The Terminator, Fire In The Sky, RoboCop and Evil Dead II, Dead Monkey Productions intends They Came from Above as our own take on the '80s-style Super Soldier Action film.

He Will Come For You

For more information, as well as behind-the-scenes material on He Will Come for You and all updates on upcoming projects, check out Dead Monkey Productions on Facebook! You can also follow us on Twitter.

Formal contact with the filmmakers can be made via email at [email protected].



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