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With all the fans theories that have come out about Rey, there is one I have thought up of with the help of my family and friends. The Force Awakens has gotten many fan theories on how Rey could be related to Obi-wan or how she could be related to Luke. But what if that wasn't the case? With Episode 8 coming out in 2017, perhaps an answer will appear in the movie Star Wars: Rogue One. But here is another fan theory on Rey that I have come up with, while watching it a second time.

How Rey could be a force child

We know thanks to the series The Clone Wars that come out 2008, we know children are born of the force and go to the Jedi temple to train. Ina few episodes, we are introduced to children who have this ability and see their training start at a young age.

If you can remember in Episode three Obi-Wan sent out a transmission to the other Jedi leading them away from the Jedi temple. This is after they discover the young generation of Jedi did not make and Anakin was behind it all. With this idea in mind, we can see that the remaining Jedi have gone into hiding and disappeared to where the Sith can not sense them.

With the new series that has recently been out called Star Wars Rebels, we meet a new team of hero's and a Jedi who escaped order 66, his name is Kana Jarrus, who had to go into hiding and hide the truth from everyone around him. During this time between episode three and four we are introduced to a new Jedi named Ezra Bridger.

With all this in mind we still don't know what happened between episode 5 and 6 and 6 and 7 but we know that some Jedi did survive order 66. With this in mind what if someone from Rey's family tree was a Jedi and was in hiding all this time?

I believe that Rey was born a force child and it goes to prove that Luke is NOT the last of the Jedi, but there could be more out there, we just don't know it yet.

How Luke ties in

At the end we see that Rey finally finds Luke after he went into hiding. We see that Luke is standing there perhaps meditating and turns around to see his new student.

Perhaps Luke was a big help in calling out to Rey. Since his Light saber was there what if he used that to call out to her because he could feel the force with in her. (Its been quite a few years, who knows what that guy has learned.)

Luke probably helped the force call out to Rey and it was him who sent her the visions. So with that in mind, what if the force was showing her the future of what could happen or the events that have happened and she was the one to rise up against Kylo Ren. Considering she was the only Jedi in the restaurant or bar at the time, I feel like that is when the Force called out to her because she was there and the light sided needed her.

How the Title of the movie ties in

How the title "The Force Awakens" ties into this theory is because the force called out to Rey or it was awakening in her. If we remember Snoke told Kylo Ren that "there has been an awakening". What if this was a mention about her and the force had awakened inside her after touching the light saber?

From this we, we see that Rey knows of the force because of how she fired back on Kylo's mind tricks. We also see her beat the crap out of Kylo during their fighting scene.

In conclusion, the Force Awakens is still popular and receiving fan theories left and right. Perhaps all will be answered in Episode 8 and 9 or we'll get some answer in Rogue One that is due out towards the end of year. Tell me what you think, thanks.


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