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Alan Rickman has always been one of my favorite actors, always playing roles that are memorable. With his passing, I have been looking over his past roles and one of my favorites has always been Metatron from the movie Dogma.

Though he wasn't in the entire movie, each scene that he was in was memorable, and usually pretty funny. He was always imparting some wisdom that might seem a little blunt at times, but at the end of the day actually are pretty true. Here are a few quips that definitely hold up.

1. No matter HOW good a person you are, you can get angry

Metatron is an angel, an entity that is known for being ethereal and pretty forgiving. But even the most forgiving of us might get a little angry when you're just trying to talk to someone and they attack you.

2. If it isn't popular, you won't know it

We all know someone who pretends like they know everything, but it is really just based off of pop culture knowledge instead of real study. Maybe you are that person yourself.

3. Sex is really just a big joke

Whether you're in heaven or on Earth, it is. Sometimes people just don't take it as seriously as they probably should.

4. Sometimes all that is left to do is get drunk

If you can't save the world, or everything from being blinked out of existence, than what else can you do? Sometimes after a lot of planning and hard work, you just have to admit defeat and give in to the inevitable.

5. Never lose sight of who you are

Everyone is unique and special in their own way. Never allow another person to try to make you feel less than amazing, because that gives them too much power.

Though he is gone, Alan will never be forgotten, and his movies will always be there to remind us of his amazing talent.


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