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I have a comic book coming out soon. I also tweet a lot about comics @KurtArthur12.
Kurt Arthur

Wait, are the Ninja Turtles going to seriously fight Batman? Yes, in the comics, The Bat of Gotham battles the Ninjas from the sewers (Staight Outta Sewers, crazy amphibian name Mikey, with a squad called Turtles With Attitude, get the Parmesan, when the bat is hauled off!), how can anyone not be excited to read this?

This story is so much fun, and can you guess what Batman thinks of the turtles - and vice versa? Batman is of course intrigued, Leonardo is humbled, Raph is annoyed, Donnie is observant - and Mikey thinks a man dressed up as a bat -super cool. What is so awesome about this team-up? These two franchises are the first superhero movies I've ever saw! (personal note)

In this issue, Shreddar and the Foot Clan are trying to make their presence known on Batman's turf. I could go into extreme intricate details of the plot, but if you're a fan of either heroes - then all I have to say, there's a comic with Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and your excitement should be piqued!

Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #2 is in stores now!


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