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Filmbeef is a podcast and a Youtube channel, and I am its creator! TWITTER @FilmbeefSnell

Every year, the guys at Filmbeef reveal our Top 10 movies. This year, I'm finding it a lot more difficult to narrow the list down. I got it down to 16 and realized that I could make a bracket out of this. Below are polls to decide which films make it past the first round. The movies were seeded based on the date they were released, so the earliest film (Kingsman) matched with the latest release (The Revenant) and so on...

I'd love to get everyone's input! I'm hoping the votes help me decide my list, but I figured it'd also be fun to see what everyone else's opinions are. So start voting and if you don't already, please follow Filmbeef on Twitter @FilmbeefYeah! New podcast every week so subscribe on iTunes as well!

Cast your votes. Was there a movie that you thought deserved to be on the bracket? Let me know below in the comments section!


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