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Baldwin Collins

This film was a pleasure to watch. recapturing the Essence of rocky films of the past in this entirely different time period. It's been 30 years ago since Russian Boxer Ivan Drago had killed Heavy weight boxing champion 'Apollo creed' in the ring. Unknown to anybody, he has an illegitimate son serving time inside a Los Angeles Youth Facility. Adonis ''Donnie'' Johnson is his name, and one day he gets a surprise Visit from a Stranger.

The person introduces herself as Apollo Creed's Widow, Mary Anne whose beautifully played by Veteran Star Phylicia Rashad. She's offering the Boy a new life, However Seventeen years later, Adonis is restless and wants something more in his life. He suddenly Quits his job at a securities firm to pursue his life long Burning Dream, to be a Professional Boxer. His now Stepmother Disapproves of the idea, by reminding Adonis how his Father was Killed in the Ring.

Not convinced. he decides his mind that a chance at the Los Angeles Elite Delphi Boxing Academy would be the Best Place to Start a Boxing Career. unfortunately he's turned down by the Person who runs the Academy. Watching old video taped fights Between his Father and Rocky Balboa, he realizes that Rocky could be the answer to his Dreams. So Adonis sets out on his journey to Philadelphia, Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) the Italian Stallion a two-time world Heavy weight Champion was Rival turned Friend to Apollo Creed. So Adonis is hoping that Being Apollo creed's son that Might Give him the opportunity he needs to be trained by the Legendary Rocky Balboa

Meeting Rocky is one thing. But does Adonis has the Ability to be a Professional or world heavy weight Champion Boxer like his Father ? this story was cleverly written by Director Ryan Coogler with Stallone's original Characters Michael B. jordan Gives a great performance as Apollo Creed's son. The facts remain will Veteran Hollywood Star Sylvester Stallone win the Oscar for Best supporting actor in a Motion Picture for this film ? only time will tell.


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