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The government is clearly trying to brainwash every person on earth. They do this through music, politics, and most importantly movies. So today I'm reviewing the Tom Cruise classic "Top Gun." I'm going to reveal the real meaning of this movie, and how this movie plays into the governments agenda.On the surface, this movie seems very plain and easy to interpret. But just by digging a little bit deeper you see how the government was trying to brainwash us as we watch this and make us give up our basic human rights.

I'm not going to dig too much into the plot. The agenda of the government doesn't usually concern itself with that. It usually hides itself in smaller details. So right at the beginning we see subtext that talks about an "elite school" for pilots. It says that only the top "1 percent" get into it. The gov's idea with this was to present this "elite" thing in a way that people want to be in the 1 percent. You see, the government actually wants us to be in good shape mentally and physically. This is because humans that are mentally and physically fit are worth more to the alien races that want to use us humans as food. That is a common theme in this movie. That's why you are better off to spend your days reading and writing on rather than trying to be a healthy human. Now lets zero in on this school. Its official name is "Fighter Weapons School." The pilots however just call it "Top Gun." I know that you're probably wondering how that has anything to do with the governments hidden agenda. But if you think about it the answer will quickly reveal itself. Fighter Weapons school as an acronym is "F.W.S" This is a very cool sounding acronym. Or it would be if it didn't have secret meanings.

F- for the

W- world's

s- supply of food

For the worlds supply of food. That is what the top 1 percent of people will be once the impending alien invasion occurs. The government will someday use this, so they simply put it into the movie to get you used to it. They made the other name "top Gun" to keep you distracted from the underling message of this movie. This movie also wants you to blindly follow your instincts. That is what the Tom Cruise character "Maverick" does. He ends up being a hero because of it. "Goose" on the other hand plays things safe and dies. The government wants you to follow your internal path because they control your internal path. Don't believe me? How else is Trump wining the polls.

I'm giving this movie 2 stars. I judged it based off of how well it hid it's secret meaning. To be honest it would have been very well hidden had they not hired "Mr. Scientology" to be the main character. You always have to suspect aliens with Tom Cruise.


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