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Ladies and gentlemen.. The Harry Potter series was a very successful box office hit when it came out, movie by movie. But it never would have succeeded without the wonderful actor and even greater man that was Alan Rickman. Professor Severus Snape, many people believe, was the greatest part about the entire franchise. An awesome as hell professor passed just earlier today. January 14, 2016 will most certainly be the heaviest day in my life. I must say that while a lot of people gave Snape a lot of crap, he was most definitely my favorite character.

Alan Rickman was never a man I knew on a personal level. That being said, he's always felt like a father figure to me. It may actually sound a bit weird but it is also true. He was one of the greatest things about Hogwarts, and especially Slytherin. He was always my favorite wizard, save perhaps Draco Malfoy. At this point, however, Malfoy is currently irrelevant. The main focus of this post is to give a huge shoutout to Alan Rickman for all of those out there who either don't know him or don't want to.

Alan Rickman, you were my star and my glory. The highlight of Slytherin. My inspiration. My idol. I wanted to strive as a better actor after watching you over and over again. And now the inspiration and drive are even stronger than they were before.

RIP Mr. Rickman

You WILL live forever in the hearts of Men. And most definitely fans. We all adored you. We all loved you. Idolized; Envied; We all sought to be like you. Because everybody who reads this can be damn sure that you can't be beat, much less replaced. As an optimistic fan, I can only hope you're conversing with Sir David Bowie at this moment.

Okay Moviepilot... That'll be it for awhile.. I SHALL RETURN!


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