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If you woke up this morning and come to find out the tragic news that another icon has lost their battle to cancer, you would unfortunately be right in your findings. As much as I want to declare my hatred towards cancer, this is about Alan.

I have to say Alan Rickman has been a huge part of my movie life. And for the old and or new generation, he has graced us with his talent, whether it was through his witty charm, his disgruntled moodiness, or fiendish chuckle, he has touched our souls. I have a list of movies that he did this for me and hopefully he has done this for you as well. I am not ranking these as to which are my favorite, I personally love them all. Well me start from the very beginning.

DIE HARD - Hans Gruber

Before the B movie era, we had DIE HARD. And in DIE HARD, we had the most well spoken, darkly charming, and evil villain ever, Hans Gruber. This was his breakout role and to this day, still one of my most favorite movie villains of all time. John McClane and Hans had very little screen time together, but they made every moment count. Lines that he made memorable:

Now, I have a machine gun...HO...HO...HO.

But you have me at a loss, you know my name but who are you? Just another American that has watched too many movies as a child?

Do you really think you have a chance against us, Mr. Cowboy?!

Shoot the GLASS!

Oh, what was that you said? Yippie Ki yay ....Mutha______a.... (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

Happy trails Hans.

Robin Hood : Prince of Thieves - Sheriff of Nottingham

After the success of the Blockbuster DIE HARD and popularity of Alan's portrayal of the foreign baddie, he was asked to play the loathsome Sheriff of Nottingham. Alan had this role locked down. He was evil and very hilarious! He added to his legend with this performance. here's a few of his great lines...

Locksley!!! I'll cut your heart out with a spoon!!!

[Wench] You. My room, 10:30 tonight. [Another wench] You, 10:45... and bring a friend.

[Guy of Gisborne] Why a spoon, cousin? Why not an axe? [Sheriff] Because it's dull, you twit! It'll hurt more!!!

Cancel the kitchen straps for lepers and orphans, no more merciful beheadings, and call of Christmas!!!

You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch.

Dogma - Metatron

Now this was going to be an ironic role no matter if he had passed now, or ten years from now. Alan played an angel from heaven to help the forces of good to find and save God. An outrageous satire with a ensemble cast makes this movie an instant classic. Alan once again gave a great performance playing a seemingly moody brooding angel that takes his job very seriously...ish! I don't have a ton of lines in memory, this is probably the movie of his I have seen the least, but great movie, great character indeed.

Galaxy Quest - Alexander Dane (Dr. Lazarus)

Oh Alan, you really gave us so much. Galaxy Quest is one my favorite movies, period! This movie wouldn't have been as good without him, to that, I thank him dearly. Another satire taking a stab at the SCI FI universe, Alexander Dane was a legend from his TV role as Dr. Lazarus. With a famous tagline that GQ fans loved, while he seemed to loathe, he finds himself in a real life Galaxy Quest mission. One of his most memorable roles and I would stop everything to watch this classic movie. By Grabthar's Hammer....

Harry Potter Series - Professor Severus Snape

For the younger generation, this is where his legend began for you, so I suggest if haven't seen any of his older movies, please do watch these films to further appreciate this talent. Harry Potter is one the biggest series of this most recent era. With eight movies compiled from seven books, Alan gave another memorable performance in his portrayal as Severus Snape. He was the grimmest teacher you could possibly be subjected to, and in the back of your mind, you are wondering if he was going to kill you or use you as a part of his potion for a cursing spell. However, if you watch these films, you come to find out that things aren't always what it seem, Alan certainly never broke character throughout this whole series of movies. A truly marvelous performance.

Bottle Shock - Steven Spurrier

This was actually the last film I have seen him in, in its entirety. Based on a true story from the 70's, Steve Spurrier was a French wine taster that was concerned that French wine is or maybe is becoming saturated by the lack of diversity or outside competition. He travels to Napa California in search of the next great wines and he gathers many different wines from there for a competition, and from there, history was made. A more subtle role to say the least, but I still very much enjoyed this movie and Alan in his role as the French wine taster. The funny thing about this movie is that I was actually at the winery this movie was based on and they had already did movie on it. I found out years later, so I was pretty thrilled about it. Even though there are very familiar actors in this film, Alan Rickman was really the one that sold me on this movie. There is something he has that just draws you to his movies.

I ultimately believe that Alan Rickman was like a well aged fine wine, he carried an aroma that was intriguing and his taste was one you would never forget. I will never forget Alan Rickman for as long as I live, and with this selection of movies, he will "Always" be with us. Rest in Peace, Alan


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