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Now that 2015 is done and gone, it is the job of 2016 to deliver us movie goers some, potentially, great movies. With the list containing a mix of comic book movies from the D.C. and Marvel universes, there are also some true story, horror, comedy, sci-fi, and video game franchises making a bang on the big screen. These movies include Warcraft, The Boy, X-Men: Apocalypse, Gods of Egypt, Dirty Grandpa, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, The Finest Hours, Etc. Now there will be those who doubt some of these movies' abilities to deliver a solid hit to the theater on their release date. There is some doubt with the Warcraft film, suggesting that it will bring shame to the name of its owner, Blizzard, but based on the trailers that have been shown, gamers and movie goers alike can look up towards the release of this film. The list of movies so far has gotten more than a few people saving their money to go and see the fore-mentioned titles, including myself. We can definitely say that movie theaters around the U.S. and the world will prosper this year, the same goes for Redboxes and Walmarts' spread around the country. On an ending note, to all the movie goers around, be wise and don't waste money on going to the movies to see a movie or several movies over the course of several days. (But it never hurt no one so far)


Which movies will you be going to see this year?

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